Faith No More - Midlife Crisis
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Faith No More - Midlife Crisis

Earl Sweatshirt - Sunday (ft. Frank Ocean)
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Faith No More are doing a new album deng i hope its good

Would probably fight a field full of lobsters for Jimmy

Hope no one steals my phone because the only thing i keep on it besides music is an archived conversation between me and jim Richwhitelesbian (RIP) that spans 2 years and its just really tame insults being thrown in both directions and penis jokes and memes.

Back when jim had iphone…. rip…

two of my friends at work decided to send wor lass a picture of them pulling faces with the message “hello we work with gary congratulations” or something but his phone cocked up and sent the picture multiples times apparently and they’re actually grown children and I’m their adopted work-dad its a hard life

Cant believe i’ve gone soft

This isnt a penis joke btw i definitely could believe i’d gone soft in that department I havent had an erection since Like Clockwork dropped that was my last erection

Queens of the Stone Age - Suture Up Your Future (Acoustic)
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dont listen to alexis im nice!


no one put 20p in you! no one asked for your opinion!