But Thanos has a daughter. A woman he trained to be the most dangerous woman in the galaxy. But she has decided her father is a monster and now uses her every breath to ruin him.

Her name is… Gamora.

Did any of you add me on steam today I accepted a friend request because i usually do because im lazy

He really challenged him to read a page from a harry potter book jesus christ

Definitely thought you were a girl all this time and you're also a hottie please kill me I can't handle the hotness bye.

I sent this to myself

Dicky Dawkins is an old fart who is apparently academically smart but his statements often prove that you can have all the book smarts in the world and still be a fucking moron.


Quad City DJ’s - C’mon Ride That Train [KReamix]

"You’re not protecting the people and you’re not protecting property, so why are you there?" 

Boy shit I re-read the Bendis run of Moon Knight and it was just as good the 4th time as it was the first

Sleep time