Rip to jimmy finalfantasyfootball. I told him not to make another powerdad post but he wouldnt listen and died as soon as he put the final full stop on it.

He’s with the angles now

Welcome to my new youtube channel i will be posting reviews of ducks. Here is a Mallard duck. The internet says i cannot feed ducks bread because it bad i cant remember why so i have some gummy bears instead. It seems confused by the gummy bears…

…10/10. Great duck. Fantastic.

Good morning its a beautiful day to watch me play basketball! Gather round as i try and jump as high as the hoop with my tiny legs and burst into tears in the middle of the court whilst shouting “dont touch me god damn it im going to score!”

thisbridgecalledmyback replied to your post:Goodnight I’m purposely ignoring one of my friends…

I love cracker culture

Do you know what I love?

Goodnight I’m purposely ignoring one of my friends texts cause i bought them a videogame and they’re trying to pay me back for it why wont anyone let me make it christmas every day?

Donate to my palpay so i can shave my head

Donate to my palpay so i can shave my head

bloodlube replied to your post:bloodlube replied to your post:Hey everyone if i…

lmaooooooo WHEN WILL IT END

I’ve heard that one too many times

bloodlube replied to your post:Hey everyone if i havent personally spoken to you…

miss u too

*embraces you emotionally*

*whispers softly in your ear* *Big Sean voice* whoa gahd!

Hey everyone if i havent personally spoken to you for a while i still hope you’re doin good and having fun and if not please approach me for [S H I T   P U N S]

hachikuji replied to your post:Broke 10 followers on Ello this is how powerful…

i hope they all unfollow you